Making It Easy

Making It Easy For Our Clientelle

VIPER PEST CONTROL wants to make it easy for our customers. We know that life gets busy enough without having to keep track of all of the particulars of an appointment with a pest management professional. For this reason, we at VIPER PEST CONTROL have instituted the following practices:

30-DAY GUARANTEE- Are those pesky pests still around even after we've visited you within the last thirty days? NO WORRIES! Just say the word, and we will come back and resolve the problem free of charge! NOTE - We do ask that you wait a minimum of ten days for the application to take full affect before any claim to the guarantee may be made. Contact our main office for details.

REMINDERS- Our customers will receive either a call or an email reminding them that a pest management professional will be out the following business day. If there is a problem, simply call the office and we will be to reschedule.

BILLING- Forget waiting for that bill in the mail! We hand-deliver the bill, which includes the details of the management techniques used to control your pests, right to your front door. Two copies of the bill will accompany a yellow pre-addressed envelope that may be used to send your payment. NOTE - This practice may be adjusted according to customer preference.

PAYMENT OPTIONS- Long gone are the days of simply paying bills by cash or check. We understand that for some people, it's easier to charge it! We accept VISA and MasterCard. Contact our main office for details.


Making It Easy For Business

BEFORE/AFTER-HOURS APPOINTMENTS- We know that maintaining a professional image is very important for all businesses. Having a pest management professional show up during the busiest part of the business day may concern employees and/or customers. It is for this reason that VIPER PEST CONTROL offers before or after-hours appointments to its business clientele. Contact our main office for details.

SATURDAY SERVICE- This is a great option for those businesses that may open early or close late during the week, but that are closed, or have reduced hours on Saturdays. For a small additional fee, one of our pest management professionals can visit your business during the morning hours on any Saturday of your service month. If you have any questions about this service, please contact our main office.

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